Sophie The Giraffe – The Ultimate Safe and Natural Teether

My son absolutely adores Sophie. She will hold his attention ten minutes or more and is often brought with him to bed.

She is tested and true, having been introduced by Vulli (based in Rumilly in the Haute-Savoie region of France) in 1961. At nearly 50 years old, Sophie looks just the same as she did the day she was born and is manufactured precisely the same old fashioned way: by hand and involving fourteen production steps. Over thirty million Sophies have been teethed on worldwide; so remaining true to its original production methods and maintaining such quality standards in these days of mass production is quite an accomplishment. Go Vulli!

Sophie is soft and squeaky. My bub loves the sound of his tiny teeth against against this all natural, non-toxic teething toy made from natural rubber derived from the sap of the Hevea tree. Not only is her skin a bit squeaky, but she squeaks from within when squeezed or shaken. Sophie’s knobby head and long legs make for many varied chewing appendages that get to those hard to reach gums in the back, as well as the front ones too of course. She’s easy to hold onto either by the neck, head or limbs and we haven’t had any problems with her being accidentally dropped and left behind.

Although she’s been sighted in many a celebrity gossip rag with some A list babies; Sophie is neither pretentious nor trendy. She’s just a  good, old fashioned toy who has ushered many a next generation into the world of happy toothdom. Highly recommended.


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