gDiapers are my favorite diapers. This environmentally superior product is what is known as a hybrid diaper. The re-usable outer shell (gPant) is soft cotton and contains a disposable absorbent insert. Come diaper changing time, you just switch out the insert for a new one. And what do you do with the old one? Well thats up to you and you have a few options. The insert is completely biodegradable in thirty to fifty days. Its also flushable. You can:

  • Compost it (and create a nitrogen rich fertilizer for your garden)
  • Flush it down the toilet
  • Throw it away (so long as you don’t put it in a plastic bag, it will compost it self and not create any landfill)
  • Any combination of the above

Now keep in mind, you don’t want to add any number 2 diaper inserts to your compost bin; so those are best flushed or disposed of in the trash. The number 1 diaper inserts make for terrific compost though.

Finally, a diapering option that addresses all of my concerns: No landfill, no contributing to our nations water shortage or over-usage of our governments resources, minimal to no water waste (only one flush of the toilet necessary, or none if you throw them away). By far, this is as earth-loving as it gets in the diaper world… And earth-loving is baby-loving because we want to preserve our resources for Baby’s future, right?


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