Dunstan Baby Language DVD

It was a few years ago on Oprah when I first came across the Dunstan Baby Language. Its a system for understanding what your baby is trying to express when crying: hunger, sleepiness, discomfort…

This language can be taught to us parents using the Dunstan Baby Language DVD set. I’ve read dozens of good reviews. If it helps alleviate any communicative frustration my baby might encounter, then its worth the $32.00. I’m going to get it.

(POST SCRIPT/August 2010): This method isn’t for everybody. While both my husband and I were each able to understand the different cries and their meanings in the context of the DVD, in real life there were varying results. For me, these lessons were heaven-sent. I was able to recognize my son’s language right from the start, thanks to Priscilla Dunstan. My husband had a much harder time with it and relied on my translation. So its not wacky. It is a truly valuable tool; but we all hear sounds in different ways, so don’t feel down if it doesn’t work for you.


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