About Future Mom

This blog began during the first trimester of my first pregnancy. The intention was to research different baby products and styles of parenting and share my findings with others who may be interested in benefiting from my legwork. Mostly, it was to occupy my mind with something productive, instead of worrying about different aspects of my changing life—something pro-active to fill those months of waiting and guessing.

Towards the end of my pregnancy, I was busy moving into a new house in a new city—a fixer-upper that required quite a great deal of my time and energy to prepare for our impending new arrival. Progress on the blog came to a standstill and the entire project was nearly forgotten.

In December of 2009, I gave birth to a beautiful baby boy. He is seven and a half months old now at the time of this entry (August 2010). I feel its time to resurrect this blog in order to share what I have learned. So much of what I read on the Internet, in pregnancy and parenting books and not to mention the information and advice I receive from other parents seems biased and incomplete. Very often, there seems to be a sanctimonious attitude towards parenting these days that I find to be disturbing at times: that there is one right way to do something and those who disagree are bad parents. Every parent has different opinions and attitudes towards what is best for their child. And every child has unique needs.

Since becoming a mother: I’ve been scolded for using a pacifier, lectured on why sleep-training is the only way, been advised not to use anything but organic cotton… I try my best to not take it personally. Most people with this kind of advice only intend to help, even if it comes out a little differently. Often much of the advice I receive or information I gather from articles, later proves to be completely without any basis in fact once I have done further research on the subject. My aim with Future-Mom.com is to try to present various matters of parenthood fairly and in an educated matter, without judgement on anyone else’s styles of responsible parenting. Sure, this blog will be riddled with opinions and examples of personal experience; however I hope to present such examples as just that—and not attempt to disguise my opinions as incontrovertible fact. I hope to enlighten and not discourage. And to explore how different styles benefit in different ways.

If anyone reads anything that they find disrespecting of any of their methods or beliefs; I encourage you to write a comment and share your thoughts. When you do so, please try to include references for such information (links to: scientific data, consumer reports or at the very least an example of personal experience). The purpose of this forum is to educate, not spread propaganda, judgements or misguided “information”. And I would be eternally grateful and willing to publish any expert advice as an article, from reputable sources. If you are a professional in any field related to matters of concern on this blog, please contact me if you would like to share your knowledge. I am not an expert, just a mother who cares and I appreciate all the help I can get and want to help other parents.

While I started this blog in my pregnancy and titled it Future-Mom because I was a mother to be, its meaning has evolved to represent modernity. With today’s new findings and an upswing in our society’s concern for the health and well-being of our children and our environment, teamed with better access to an enormous amount of information on the Internet, the future is ours to prepare for our offspring. We are equipped to make an impact. Each of us owe it to our children and future generations to do the best we can to cultivate and encourage young minds, exceptional values, excellent health, an effective system of education and to protect our environment. Yes, it can certainly be an overwhelming undertaking when you think of the responsibility of parenthood in such broad terms. I find there is an inspiring trend towards this style of parenthood, one of making the world a better place for our children and theirs alike. Collectively, with the proper tools, we can achieve this. We are the moms of the future.

Thank you for visiting.

Yours truly,
Future Mom

4 Responses to About Future Mom

  1. Sarah says:

    Thanks for listing me on your blogroll! Could I please ask you to change your description of my site from “father” to “mother,” and from “young children” to “toddler and young nephew”?:)

    I hope your pregnancy is going smoothly–when are you due?

  2. future-mom says:


    I’ve been off the blog for a while (new baby); but am back now. Our son was born in December, 2009.

    Griffin and Carl are adorable. I’m so impressed with their progress. My language skills are rather limited; but am trying my best to follow in your foot steps.

    Future Mom

  3. April Sandmeyer says:

    Although my children are grown (wait! you could have fooled me!), I am surrounded by my friends/neighbors/grandchildren that I babysit for, and thus like to keep up with the latest trends in the mommy arena. Thank you for sharing all of your wonderful pictures and infromation!

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