Bean in Nose!


Did you know a bean can sprout in one’s nose? Neither did I. It sounds like the stuff of urban legends: a toddler inserts a bean into his nose. The parents aren’t aware that it’s up there. No visible discomfort, no symptoms, no snoring or unusual breathing, no complaining… Next thing you know a plant is growing out of the child’s nostril!

Well it didn’t happen quite like that, but it seems like it could have. I was eating breakfast with my two year old when he sneezed. I heard a very light thump following his sneeze. What could have dropped to make that sound? Beneath him, a black-eyed pea, lightly coated with sinus fluid and fully germinated. There was a sprout growing from the bean!

Not so unbelievable when you think about it. Inside the nose is a perfect environment for germination. It’s warm, dark and damp. And it only takes a day or two for a bean to germinate. I just can’t believe he had a dried black-eyed pea up his nose for two days!

I allowed him to play with some dried black-eyed peas from my cupboard. I had poured some into one of the pots atop his play kitchen, so that he had something fun to stir. He is beyond the stage of putting things in his mouth when he’s not supposed to, so I wasn’t worried that the beans would be a choking risk. A potential sinus risk, I hadn’t considered.

He is absolutely fine. I have since uncovered a few other stories of such occurrences. This happened today, on a Sunday, and I shall call his pediatrician in the morning to consult, just to be sure.

This has struck me as both creepy and amusing. Mostly, I am glad he is okay and have learned my lesson! Later tonight, I’ll post some tips about what to do if something is lodged in your child’s nostril.

One Response to Bean in Nose!

  1. Nancy says:

    Yes it is possible for a bean to sprout in a child’s nose. When my brother was also about 2 years old he stuck a pinto bean in his nose. Of course my mom didn’t know so for the next few days he had a stuffy nose which was thought to be a cold. My mom ended up taking him to the doctor after a couple days and it was discovered that he had a sprouting bean in his nose!

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