Season To Ill

Its so lovely this time of year. The weather is cooling. Children are returning to school in new clothes. Stay at home Moms breathe a sigh of relief as they finally find time eat a proper lunch. And then there is the ugly side, seasonal illness. We haven’t been touched by it yet (no school age children); but friends and family are absolutely plagued at the moment.

It seems folky and arcane; but I swear by my ginger garlic tea. Although I am not a scientist and haven’t the means to perform any type of precise lab testing, this recipe has done me right over the years and has served quite a few friends I have shared it with as well. Its a mixture that has evolved over the years, originally inspired by my grandmother’s cure-all of whisky, honey and lemon tea–more lemonadey than a hot totty; but probably not as suitable for children as she believed in her day. Later on in life, I discovered an amazingly repulsive but satisfying garlic tea in cafe with an esoteric vibe, housed in the same building as a Harley Davidson shop on Manhattan’s Westside (neither are there any more). The recipe has now reached its perfection. It more drinkable than its two inspirations and packs a greater punch–and when I say punch, I mean a punch in the face of whatever ails you!

What you will need:
a clove of garlic
fresh ginger (about two fingers or to taste)
two lemons
green tea (2 tea bags or loose)
ginseng (fresh or powdered) (optional)

First thing: boil up some water, enough for 2-4 cups of tea. While the water is heating up, mice your garlic (a garlic pres will speed this up) and chop up the ginger (a Magic Bullet or food processor can speed this up). Throw the garlic and ginger (and ginseng if you have it) right into the water and turn the water down low, just below a simmer. Let this go for about ten minutes, to brew up strong. When your chopped ingredients soften, add the tea. Wait another minute of two and squeeze the juice of two lemons in and add honey to taste.

The first sip may schock you a bit as garlic in tea doesn’t seem quite right to the uninitiated; however you begin to enjoy the fragrance of this tea the more you drink it. And it actually feels comforting right away.

I find that when I drink a few cups of this tea throughout the day at the first hint of illness, the illness turns around and never surfaces. If its already there, it may vey well lessen the symptoms and shorten their course.

Also, you can make a big put and leave it on a warm burner to steep throughout the day.

2 Responses to Season To Ill

  1. ThePnut says:

    Love this and can’t wait to test on the Hubbie first. It will be the remedy of choice if it works on him! :0)

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