Seeds of Change and Seed Savers Exchange – Certified Organic Seeds & Supplies

Where we live (in the deep South), its time to start planting this year’s vegetable garden. I’ve been covered in dirt all week and tracking it into the house. The mud room is, quite literally, a mud room. The beds are almost ready, lots of new compost and soil piled high. Spirits and enthusiasm, soaring. I’m shopping for seeds now and decided to skip the local seed and feed and find something better online: Seeds of Change. I do love supporting local business; so I am going to ask my regular store to please start carrying Seeds of Change products. The website offers a store locator; but nothing close enough to me; so for now I will place my order online.

SOC offers certified organic, non-GMO, multi-variety heirloom seeds for home gardening with tips, a glossary, hardiness zone charts, everything you need to plant your own little (or quite expansive) patch of heaven. Seeds not your thing? If you prefer to buy plants of this quality, head over to Seed Savers Exchange. They’re a non-profit group preserving our  gardening heritage, offering heirloom seed varieties from generations past–of course all are completely organic. And they ship transplants as well! The peppers and tomatoes look gorgeous.

I feel so good about buying food from local farmers, having a child who only eats organic and growing as much of my own as I can. Last year’s garden produced some nice things; but not nearly enough (our hens dug up so many of our plants). This year is, with some better planning and less traveling during the planting season, going to be the best yet. Thank you Seeds of Change and Seed Savers Exchange, for putting me in such a splendid mood today. I can’t wait to get our seeds!

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  1. April Sandmeyer says:

    so important!

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